Interesting cases in the Department

  • A 25 year female presented with multiple purpuric skin lesions all over the lower limbs and healed wound on the left axilla. After 2 days skin lesions resolved completely. But the blood investigations showed leucopenia / neutropenia. Physician opinion obtained and 3 doses of GMCSF were given.  Bone marrow biopsy done. Biopsy from the axillary node taken and sent for HPE to R/O  tuberculosis. Then the patient was referred to get haematologist opinion.

         Imp: primary immunodeficiency disorder.

         Adv: To continue GMCSF further for 4 weeks.

  • A 52 year female came with complaints of asymptomatic skin lesions in both the elbows for more than one year. routine investigations done. Biopsy from the lesion revealed sarcoid granuloma. On furthur evaluating her, pulmonary involvement was identified and explained. Chest physician opinion obtained and his orders were followed.

          Imp: Sarcoidosis with cutaneous and pulmonary involvement

  • A 39 year male came with itchy skin lesions over neck, face, forearm and legs. H/O photosensitivity present. Known case of chronic alcoholic and smoker for the past 20 years.  O/E hyperpigmented scaly plaques over the periorbital region, neck both extremities (only on sun exposed areas). He was diagnosed as a case of pellagra and treated with Vitamin B Complex tablets. Skin lesions started resolving and psychiatry opinion obtained for alcohol withdrawal. Patient discharged