Research is an integral part of development, sustenance and development of life and for understanding nature and natural processes as Medical research attempts to unravel the mysteries of nature, demystify the behavioral aspects related to health, illness and find out therapeutic and preventive measures and to assess the quality of life and effectiveness of therapy, explore the best interventional aspects to reduce the mortality and morbidity due to communicable and non-communicable diseases; and improve the physical, mental and social well-being.

           In this effort, the faculty members and students of Trichy SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre are continuously motivating to participate in research activities and assistance is being rendered to prepare research projects, carry out the research and publish the research work in reputed journals in order to sustain the medical research. The IRB information reflects our activities, achievements and future plan.

                                                                                                  Dr. S. Revwathy, MD., DGO.,DNB.,



         IRB will become a vibrant, outstanding and self-sustaining center through interdisciplinary research on health sciences, imparting training and knowledge for the welfare of the community.


         IRB will organize interdisciplinary health research for achieving sustainable developmental goals (SDGs) through basic, applied and translational research, and technology transfers.


  • Dedication to improve interdisciplinary research culture among students, residents and faculty
  • Motivation for innovative strategies and methods to address the importance of research
  • Collaboration with industries and other institutions for research
  • Recognition of disparities and find out the unique working environment for research
  • Promotion of health policies of Government and non-Governmental organizations to achieve SDGs

Objectives of Institutional Research Board (IRB)