DateTitle of circular Download
13.07.2024Hospital OrderDownload
09.07.2024Blood sample collection and ECG recordingDownload
16.07.2024Epidemiology, Prevention and Management of Ischemic Heart DiseaseDownload
06.07.2024Special Medical CampDownload
03.07.2024ICMR & NIE- Free Online Courses on Health Research Fundamentals year 2024Download
25.07.2024Calls for research proposals for Short - Term Studentship (STS)Download
09.07.2024DBCS Camp July 2024Download
09.07.2024Carcinoma CervixDownload
30.06.2024BOSS - 2024 (Basic Orthopaedics Surgical Skills)Download
29.06.2024Alumni Meet - 2024Download
29.06.2024Special Medical CampDownload
28.06.2024General Medical CampDownload
27.06.2024World Vitiligo DayDownload
25.06.2024Pediatric Health CampDownload
25.06.2024General medical campDownload
22.06.2024General medical campDownload
26.06.2024SRUGIBASE - 2024Download
26.06.2024PG Basic Skill Course & Hands on WorkshopDownload
26.06.2024International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking- 2024Download
30.06.2024Short Term StudentshipDownload
29.06.2024Prize Examination on Leprosy - 2024Download
28.06.2024Medal ExamDownload
19.06.2024General Medical CampDownload
18.06.2024Epidemiology and control of NCD - Diabetes MellitusDownload
15.06.2024Special Medical CampDownload
14.06.2024World Blood Donor Day 2024Download
13.06.2024Programme for the First Year Postgraduate Students (2023 - 2024 batch)Download
10.06.20214Skill Module Teaching SessionDownload
08.06.2024Special Medical CampDownload
06.06.2024Hands -on Workshop for Skill Lab Core Committee MembersDownload
04.06.2024DBCS CampDownload
01.06.2024Special Medical CampDownload
28.05.2024Phase - III Part - I MBBS 159 students (2024 -2025 CBME batch) & Phase - II MBBS 243 students (2023 - 2024 CBME batch)Download
29.05.2024General medical campDownload
25.05.2024Special Medical CampDownload
24.04.2024Short film and photography competition Download
1.05.2024DBCS CAMP -MAY 2024Download
27.04.2024Special Medical CampDownload
26.04.2024General Medical CampDownload
26.04.2024DBCS CAMPDownload
02.05.2024Self directed learning ProgramDownload
03.05.2024Department of Forensic Medicine - Integrated teaching ProgramDownload
16.04.2024Hospital OrderDownload
14.04.2024General Medical CampDownload
13.04.2024Management of HypertensionDownload
10.04.2024World Malaria DayDownload
01.04.2024World Bipolar DayDownload
25.03.2024Capability Enhancement programDownload
23.03.2024Special Medical CampDownload
25.03.2024From Discovery to Transplant: The Journey of Pancreatic IsletsDownload
16.03.2024Special Medical CampDownload
14.03.2024World Kidney DayDownload
14.03.2024General Medical CampDownload
14.03.2024Induction training Program for PGsDownload
11.03.2024Phase - III Part - I MBBS 159 students academic programsDownload
27.03.2024Phase - III Part - II MBBS 149 students academic programsDownload
19.03.2024Update on Metabolic SyndromeDownload
13.03.2024Regenerative medicine - Genesis 2024Download
09.03.2024Special Medical CampDownload
09.03.2024General Medical CampDownload
06.03.2024Hospital OrderDownload
05.03.2024 - 27.03.2024DBCS CampDownload
02.03.2024Special Medical CampDownload
28.02.2024General Medical CampDownload
22.02.2024Phase III Part - I MBBS 159 students academic programsDownload
23.02.2024Phase II MBBS 243 students academic programsDownload
25.02.2024General Medical CampDownload
24.02.2024Special Medical CampDownload
20.02.2024Phase - III Part - II MBBS (2024-2025 CBME batch)Download
23.02.20242nd Endowment LectureDownload
22.02.2024Integrated Teaching Seminar - Investigation of EpidemicDownload
17.02.2024General Medical CampDownload
16.02.2024Septic ShockDownload
15.02.2024Common Causes of Infertility and Role of IVFDownload
15.02.2024Affective and Psychomotor domain skill workshop - 2024Download
12.02.2024Phase II MBBS additional 25 students (2023-2024 CBME batch) - Academic programsDownload
10.02.2024Special Medical CampDownload
03.02.2024Special Medical CampDownload
06.02.2024 DBCS Camp - Feb 2024Download
29.01.2023Faculty Development Training ProgramDownload
27.01.2024Special Medical CampDownload
20.01.2024General Medical CampDownload
06.01.2024Special Medical CampDownload
04.01.2024DBCS Camp - Jan 2024Download
03.01.2024Decoding Diabetic RetinopathyDownload
27.12.2023General Medical CampDownload
22.12.2023General Medical CampDownload
20.12.23Phase II (2023-2024 CBME batch) Students Academic ProgramDownload
11.12.2023 to 12.12.2023PG Medical Education Technology TrainingDownload
09.12.2023Special Medical CampDownload
08.12.2023General Medical CampDownload
08.12.2023UG - Rapid Review course - 2023Download
05.12.2023World AIDS DayDownload
29.11.2023General Medical Camp - Hospital OrderDownload
28.11.2023DBCS Camp OrderDownload
25.11.2023Special Medical CampDownload
21.11.2023Skill Lab trainingDownload
18.11.2023Special Medical CampDownload
18.11.2023DBCS camp Download
09.11.2023Toxicology - Diagnosis Treatment of PoisoningDownload
04.11.2023Special Medical CampDownload
03.11.2023World Psoriasis Day rally & Public awareness ProgrammeDownload
03.11.2023General Medical CampDownload
31.10.2023Breast Cancer Awareness Program - Pink October - 2023Download
30.10.2023DBCS camp November 2023Download
28.10.2023Special Medical CampDownload
21.10.2023Special Medical CampDownload
31.10.2023DBCS camp oct 2023Download
30.10.2023World Stroke DayDownload
27.10.2023DBCS camp 18/10/23 - 27/10/23Download
20.10.2023 World Bioethics Day 2023Download
19.10.2023OPSURG - 2023 on Basic Operative Surgery - Live workshop on Inguinal HerniaDownload
18.10.2023Medical CampDownload
16.10.2023REAPTROCON 2023Download
14.10.2023Special Medical CampDownload
11.10.2023Stress & De-StressDownload
11.10.2023Medical CampDownload
07.10.2023Medical CampDownload
10.10.2023World Mental Health Day 2023Download
06.10.2023General Medical CampDownload
05.10.2023World Mental Health Day - Psychiatry Quiz CompetitionDownload
04.10.2023Kamala Nikethan School Health CampDownload
30.09.2023Special Medical CampDownload
29.09.2023General Medical CampDownload
13.10.2023Infections of orbitDownload
26.09.2023Public Health System in Tamil NaduDownload
25.09.2023Skill Lab Training ProgramDownload
23.09.2023Special Medical Camp Download
22.09.2023Faculty Development Training ProgramDownload
22.09.2023Paediatric Medical CampDownload
20.09.2023General Medical CampDownload
19.09.2023Sports Tournament for Boys and Girls StudentsDownload
16.09.2023Special Medical Camp Download
15.09.2023Carcinoma CervixDownload
15.09.2023Examination of a case of sexual offenceDownload
12.09.2023World Suicide Prevention Day 2023Download
09.09.2023Special Medical CampDownload
08.09.2023General Medical CampDownload
06.09.2023Creating Hope Through Action - World Suicide Prevention Day 2023Download
05.09.2023First Year MBBS(2023-2024 Batch) Foundation CourseDownload
05.09.2023Making Healthy Eating Affordable for everyoneDownload
20.09.2023DBCS CampDownload
12.09.2023World Schizophrenia Day 2023Download
03.09.2023 General Medical CampDownload
02.09.2023Special Medical CampDownload
30.08.2023DBCS CampDownload
30.08.2023Special Medical CampDownload
22.09.2023World Patient Safety Day 2023Download
08.09.2023National Eye Donation Fortnight Day 2023Download
26.08.2023Special Medical CampDownload
26.08.2023Department of Pharmacology-
26.08.2023Exploring the horizons of Clinical Biochemistry-2.0Download
26.08.2023Department of Pharmacology - Integrated teaching program EpilepsyDownload
25.08.2023National Eye Donation Fortnight Day 2023Download
25.08.2023Onam Celebration 2023Download
25.08.2023DBCS CampDownload
24.08.2023Community Psychiatry in IndiaDownload
19.8.2023 CME Hepatitis-UpdateDownload
19.08.2023Special Medical Camp
R.H.C - Valadi
19.08.2023National Photography day CelebrationDownload
18.08.2023Special Medical Camp
Town Panchayat Office - Sannasi Patti, Mathur
12.08.2023 - 18.08.2023Anti - Ragging Week Celebration 2023Download
15.08.202377th Independence Day Celebration 2023- ProgrammeDownload
12.08.2023Special Medical Camp,Download
09.08.2023Town Panchayat Office - Komakkudi - Trichy.
05.08.2023Special Medical CampDownload
29.07.2023DBCS Camp August - 2023 Download
24.07.2023 to 25.07.2023General Medical Camp-High Energy Battery Download
25.07.2023Diabetes Mellitus - Department of Community Medicine Download
22.07.2023Special Medical CampDownload
21.07.2023Mechanical injuries:Healing of injury & Bones Fracture Department of Forensic Medicine - Integrated teaching Download
21.07.2023Department of Microbiology - SeminarDownload
17.07.2023Hypertension - Department of Pharmacology Download
15.07.2023Special Medical CampDownload
13.07.2023Paediatric Health CampDownload
11.07.2023Damien Foundation Leprosy Exam - 2023Download
10.07.2023Faculty Development ProgramDownload
08.07.2023Special Medical CampDownload
04.07.2023 to 28.07.2023District Blindness Control Society CampDownload
03.07.2023 to 13.07.2023School Health Programme Download
30.06.2023ENT Update 2023Download
28.06.2023General Medical CampDownload
27.06.2023World Vitiligo Day 2023Download
24.06.2023 Podcasts in E-LearningDownload
24.06.2023CMCHIS Medical CampDownload
24.06.2023E - development training programDownload
23.06.2023Project Day CircularDownload
21.06.2023General Medical CampDownload
17.06.2023Special Medical CampDownload
17.06.2023Malaria - Horizontal Integrated SeminarDownload
16.06.2023General Medical CampDownload
14.06.2023General Medical CampDownload
13.06.2023Emerging infectious diseases - Nipah VirusDownload
10.06.2023Special Medical Camp Download
09.06.2023Skill Lab Training ProgramDownload
02.06.2023General Medical CampDownload
02.06.2023Investigations and Approach to AnemiaDownload
24.05.2023General Medical CampDownload
24.05.2023World Schizophrenia DayDownload
23.05.2023Essential Lab investigations at various levels of healthcare system for communicable diseasesDownload
20.05.2023Medical CampDownload
10.05.2023General Medical CampDownload
10.05.2023National HIV Treatment ProtocolDownload
06.05.2023 Special Medical CampDownload
03.05.2023General Medical CampDownload
02.05.2023DBCS CampDownload
29.04.2023Medical CampDownload
28.04.2023Update on Hepatobiliary systemDownload
21.04.2023CME on "SRM Anaesthesia Medical Education 2023 - Workshop on basic ECG"Download
17.04.2023 MRD CensusDownload
19.04.2023 General Medical Camp Download
11.04.2023Pathology Integrated teachingDownload
22.03.2023Trichy SRM Medical College - General Medical Camp - Hospital OrderDownload
06.04.2023Workshop on Basic ECG - InvitationDownload
04.04.2023DBCS CampDownload
01.04.2023 Special Medical Camp Download
29.03.2023World Bipolar DayDownload
29-03-2023 General Medical Camp Download
25.03.2023Medical Camp Download
18.03.2023Medical campDownload
13.03.2023Second year MBBS 141 studentsDownload
11.03.2023Special Medical CampDownload
10.03.2023 -
Dbcs CampDownload
08.03.2023General Medical CampDownload
07.03.2023 Medical CampDownload
04.03.2023 Medical Camp on 04.03.2023 at U.H.T.C - Hospital OrderDownload
27.02.2023Special Medical CampDownload
25.02.2023Special Medical campDownload
21.02.2023Endowment LectureDownload
20.02.2023Medical CampDownload
Special Medical CampDownload
11.02.2023Medical CampDownload
09.02.2023 &
General Medical CampDownload
10.02.2023Paediatric Health CampDownload
08.02.2023General Medical CampDownload
07.02.2023Revised Basic Course WorkshopDownload
08.02.2023Guest Lecture on "Why Anatomy? - A Radiologist Perspective" Download
04.02.2023Special Medical CampDownload
01.02.2023General Medical CampDownload
28.01.2023Medical CampDownload
27.01.2023Paediatric Health Camp Download
25.01.2023General Medical CampDownload
21.01.2023Medical CampDownload
05.01.2023PG Orientation and MET Training on 5th and 6th January 2023Download
04.01.2023General Medical CampDownload
02.01.2023 Hospital StatisticsDownload
28.12.2022Trichy SRM Medical College - General Medical Camp - Hospital Order 28.12.2022Download
27.12.2022 Trichy SRM Medical College - General Medical Camp - Hospital Order Download
23.12.2022CMCHIS - Health CampDownload
21.12.2022Professionalism and Communication SkillsDownload
20.12.2022Department of DVL - Medal examination on 20.12.2022 for Final year MBBS Part-II studentsDownload
19.12.2022MRD Census from 19.12.2022 to 24.12.2022Download
14.12.2022Watering Eye And ManagementDownload
13.12.2022Clinical Genetics and DysmorphologyDownload
10.12.2022U.H.T.C - Samayapuram Medical CampDownload
09.12.2022General Medical CampDownload
05.12.2022MRD Census from 05.12.2022 to 10.12.2022Download
03.12.2022Hospital OrderDownload
02.12.2022Slogan CompetitionDownload
02.12.2022ENT update 2022Download
28.11.2022MRD Census from 28.11.2022 to 03.12.2022Download
26.11.2022Trichy SRM Medical College - Medical Camp - Hospital OrderDownload
25.11.2022College - Forensic Medicine & Toxicology - integrated (Vertical) teaching programme - Circular Download
23.11.2022International Men's Day - 2022 CelebrationDownload
19.11.2022Medical CampDownload
19.11.2022Current Concepts and insights and Pathology- a feast for the pathologist's soulDownload
18.11.2022INTACT Special SchoolDownload
16.11.2022World COPD Day 2022 Download
14.11.2022MRD Census from 14.11.2022 to 19.11.2022 Download
12.11.2022R.H.T.C - SangenthiDownload
11.11.2022Thyroid disordersDownload
10.11.2022Career Opportunity in Military ServicesDownload
08.11.2022Workshop on Developing Program Outcomes and Course Outcomes and Their Mapping Download
05.11.2022R.H.C - ValadiDownload
04.11.2022 / 05.11.2022Medical Check up for B.Sc Nursing 1st year Download
01.11.2022District Blindness Control Society (DBCS) CampDownload
31.10.2022Department of Pharmacology - integrated teaching programme under the caption " Management of DiabetesDownload
31.10.2022Management of StrokeDownload
31.10.2022 Breast Cancer Awarness-Pink OctoberDownload
29.10.2022V.K.T.Health - CampDownload
29.10.2022U.H.T.C - Samayapuram - Medical CampDownload
28.10.2022World Psoriasis DayDownload
21.10.2022Exploring the Horizons of clinical Biochemistry-Clinician's PerspectiveDownload
20.10.2022Talent Exam in Neuro SciencesDownload
19.10.2022Basics of bone tumours SCOPE - 2022Download
18.10.2022Intergrated Seminar-Geriatric ServicesDownload
15.10.2022R.H.T.C - SangenthiDownload
14.10.2022Paediatric CampDownload
10.10.2022MRD Census from 10.10.2022 to 15.10.2022Download
10.10.2022World Mental Health Day Download
08.10.2022Medical CampDownload
01.10.2022Medical CampDownload
26.09.2022MRD Census - 26.09.2022 to 01.10.2022Download
24.09.2022Medical CampDownload
24.09.2022RICS 2022Download
19.09.2022MRD Census - 19.09.2022 to 24.09.2022Download
17.09.2022Health Care Associated InfectionsDownload
15.09.2022Health Camp Download
12.09.2022 MRD Census from 12.09.2022 to 17.9.2022Download
01.09.2022DBCS CAMPDownload
29.08.2022Integrated teaching Programme on Blood Stain & Its Medicolegal ApplicationsDownload
22.08.2022School Health CampDownload
20.08.2022Medical CampDownload
18.08.2022 Paediatric Camp - Hospital Order Download
14.08.2022Medical Camp and Blood Donation CampDownload
13.08.2022Medical CampDownload
07.08.2022Hospital OrderDownload
06.082022Hospital OrderDownload
01.08.2022Blood Banking and the need for LeucodepletionDownload
01.08.2022Hemolytic Anemia WorkupDownload
01.08.2022capability enhancement program for students and faculty Download
01.08.2022hospital OrderDownload
05.08.2022Acid Peptic DiseaseDownload
06.08.2021Department of Pathology - Guest Lecture Download
30.07.2022hospital OrderDownload
22.07.2022Guest LectureDownload
21.07.2022Hospital OrderDownload
16.07.2022Medical CampDownload
22.07.2022Integrated (Vertical) Seminar Programme on Viral Pneumonia - Every breath counts: Stop Pneumonia nowDownload
13.07.2022Peptic Ulcer DiseaseDownload
11.07.2022MRD Census from 11.07.2022 to 16.07.2022 Download
19.07.2022Skill module teaching session on sample collection (Nasopharyngeal swab)Download
14.07.2022 Hospital Order Download
09.07.2022Medical CampDownload
04.07.2022 School Health Camp - Hospital Order - RegDownload
04.07.2022 Workshop on Stress Management for Postgraduates Download
04.07.2022Nutrition HealthDownload
02.07.2022Medical Camp at "R.H.T.C - Sangenthi"Download
01.07.2022District Blindness Control Society (DBCS) CampDownload
29.6.2022Medical Education Technology training Program for the 1st Year Post Graduate Students (2021 - 2024 batch)Download
28.06.2021Malaria _ Zero Malari With MeDownload
27.06.2022Surgibase - 22 - CRMI - Basic skill Training Programme, Trauma Life Support & Ethiskills - Hands on suturing programme for all the CRMI'sDownload
25.06.2022Medical Camp on 25.06.2022 at R.H.C - ValadiDownload
23.06.2022Integrated teaching Programme on Typhoid FeverDownload
18.06.2022A hospital Order for Medical Camp is attached.Download
17.06.2022A circular for UG Integrated (Vertical) teaching Programme on Mechanical InjuriesDownload
14.06.2022A hospital Order for CMCHIS - Health Camp Download
13.06.2022 A Circular for Medical Education - Ms.R.I. Vishnu Priya, Second year MBBS student (With 2022 - 2023 CBME batch) academic programs Download
11.06.2022A hospital Order for Medical CampDownload
7.06.2022A circular for Inter - department Seminar on PolyhydraminiosDownload
06.06.2022Second year MBBS additional 12 students academic programs details Download
01.06.2022District Blindness Control System (DBCS) CampDownload
28.05.2022Medical CampDownload
27.05.2022Health CampDownload
23.05.2022Infective EndocarditisDownload
20.05.2022UG Integrated seminar on ShockDownload
21.05.2022Medical CampDownload
17.05.2022Guest Lecture Download
17.05.2022IPR AwarenessDownload
14.05.2022Medical CampDownload
12.05.2022Essay CompetitionDownload
07.05.2022Medical CampDownload
04.05.2022District Blindness Control System (DBCS) CampDownload
30.04.2022Awareness LectureDownload
26.04.2022CMCHIS CampDownload
23.04.2022World Malaria dayDownload
23.04.2022Medical CampDownload
23.04.2022Postgraduate Integrated Seminar On MalariaDownload
18.04.2022Final year MBBS PART-II 141 students Download
18.04.2022Festival Medical campDownload
11.04.2022Second year MBBS 136 students Download
09.04.2022Medical CampDownload
08.04.2022Second year MBBS 135 students (CBME batch)Download
06.04.2022Final year MBBS PART-1 (CBME batch 2022-2023)Download
04.04.2022Final year MBBS PART-1 141 students Download
02.04.2022Final year MBBS PART-1 141 students Download
02.04.2022Medical CampDownload
01.04.2022District blindness control society (DBCS) CampDownload
31.03.2022Drug AbuseDownload
30.03.2022Health CampDownload
29.03.2022Guest Lecture on Approach To Kidney Disease-Primary Care
Physician Perspective
26.03.2022Medical CampDownload
13.03.2022Poochoridal Thiruvizha Medical CampDownload
12.03.2022 Medical CampDownload
11.03.2022Guest Lecture on Glaucoma - Sneak Thief of Sight Download
10.03.2022 Health CampDownload
09.03.2022 School Health CampDownload
05.03.2022Medical CampDownload
02.03.2022School Health campDownload
01.03.2022District blindness control society (DBCS) CampDownload
25.02.2022Guest Lecture on Rational use of Sulfonamides Download
25.02.2022Infertility - Evaluation & ManagementDownload
23.02.2022School Health ProgrammeDownload
18.02.2022Final year MBBS PART-1 Ms.R.Priyanka 2022-2023 Academic programmes
16.02.2022DBCS Camp for FebruaryDownload
09.02.2022General Medical Camp on 12.02.2022 at RHTC Download
01.02.2022Medical Camp on 05.02.2022 at RHCDownload
27.01.2022Medical Camp on 29.01.2022 at UHTC Download
19.01.2022General Medical Camp Download
19.01.2022The Final year MBBS part II (149 Students) Exam ScheduleDownload
18.01.2022Surgery Medal Exam on 24.01.2022Download
08.01.2022Medical Camp at R.H.C - VillageDownload
28.12.2021DBCS Camp - Hospital OrderDownload
23.12.2021Medical Camp on Samayapuram, UHTC centre - Hospital OrderDownload
15.12.2021Medical Camp on Alundur VillageDownload
18.12.2021 Medical Camp on SangenthiDownload
08.12.2021OPSURG - Basic Operative Live Workshop On Inguinal HerniaDownload
15.12.2021DD Health Camp - Hospital OrderDownload
30.11.2021DBCS Camp for December - 2021 - Hospital OrderDownload
19.11.2021Integrated Teaching Programme - Toxicology - Organophosphorous and Organochlorine PoisoningDownload
16.11.2021DD Health Camp - Hospital OderDownload
08.11.2021Final year MBBS Part I "Medal Examination"- Department PathologyDownload
06.11.2021DBCS Camp for November - 2021 - Hospital OrderDownload
27.10.2021DD Health Camp - Hospital OderDownload
07.10.2021Carcinoma CervixPathology - Integrated Teaching ProgrammeDownload
07.10.2021Leprosy Pathology - Integrated Teaching ProgrammeDownload
06.10.2021Final year MBBS 7th semester (149 Students) - Academic programsDownload
29.09.2021DBCS CAMP - OCTOBER - 2021Download
29.09.2021Revised basic Course Workshop and AETCOM workshop preliminary meetingDownload
11.09.2021Final year MBBS part II 8th & 9th semester (149 Students) - Academic programsDownload
09.09.2021Second year MBBS additional (15 Students semester ) - Academic programsDownload
01.09.2021DBCS CAMP -SEP-2021Download
25.08.2021Online (Horizontal) Integrated Teaching Programme - General ToxicologyDownload
23.08.2021Integrated Teaching Programme - "Hypertension"Download
25.08.2021Online (Horizontal & Vertical) Integrated Teaching Programme - Toxicology - Diagnosis and Treatment of poisoningDownload
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Trichy SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre is a unit of SRM group of educational Institutions.

The institution is an MCI recognised college offering MBBS and MD courses, affiliated to the Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai and a multi-speciality centre which boasts a 720 bedded hospital.

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