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Title of the ContentDownload
1.1.1 Curriculum Committee and MEU Minutes Download
1.3.1 Cross cutting issues in curriculum.pdfDownload
1.4.1 Feedback report on curriculum and syllabus.…Download
1.4.2 Feedback action taken report on curriculum…Download
2.2.1 Policy for Slow and Advanced learnersDownload
2.2.1 Slow and Advanced learners- remedial measures.Download
2.2.3- Institution Extramural activities.pdfDownload
2.3.3 List of fulltime teachers using ICT tools.p…Download
2.3.2 ICT enables toolsDownload
2.3.5 TL process- Creativity.pdfDownload
2.5.3 Examination reforms.pdfDownload
2.6.2 Annual report Extract 2020-21.pdfDownload
2.6.4 Parent teacher meeting.pdfDownload
2.7.1 Students Satisfaction Survey ReportDownload
3.4.3 Awards for Extension activities.pdfDownload
3.4.4. ISR activities report.pdfDownload
4.1.1 Infrastructure for teaching learning.pdfDownload
4.1.1 Infrastructure for TL, photos.pdfDownload
4.1.2 Sports and cultural facilities photos.pdfDownload
4.1.3 General campus facilities photo.pdfDownload
4.2.1 Facilities.pdfDownload
4.2.1 Teaching hospital, equipment, laboratory ...Download
4.3.1 Library photos.pdfDownload
4.3.2 Library books and journals.pdfDownload
4.3.5 Library usage register sample.pdfDownload
4.4.2 Upgradation of IT facilities.pdfDownload
4.5.2 Maintenance committee minutesDownload
4.5.2 Maintenance logbook.pdfDownload
5.1.3 Capacity building and Skill enhancementDownload
5.1.3 Career counseling.pdfDownload
5.1.4 International students cell.pdfDownload
5.3.2 Report - student Council.pdfDownload
5.4.1 Alumni activities.pdfDownload
5.4.2 Alumni Financial kind.pdfDownload
6.2.1 Minutes of college council 2020-21.pdfDownload
6.2.1 Strategy development and DeploymentDownload
6.3.1 List of staff for welfare measures.pdfDownload
6.3.5 Performance appraisal Policy..pdfDownload
6.4.1 Resource mobilization.pdfDownload
6.4.2 Audit policy.pdfDownload
6.5.1 Structure and mechanism of Internal Quali...Download
6.5.1 IQAC Minutes of MeetingDownload
7.1.1 Gender Sensitization Action planDownload
7.1.1 Specific facilities for safety and security for womenDownload
7.1.3 Alternate sources of energy-Photos.pdfDownload
7.1.4 Facilities for waste management- Photos.pdfDownload
7.1.4Waste management document.pdfDownload
7.1.5 Water conservation photos.pdfDownload
7.1.6 Green campus initiatives- Photos.pdfDownload
7.1.8 Supporting documents.pdfDownload
7.1.10 Code of Conduct for teaching staff, non-teaching staff and studentsDownload
7.2.1 Institutional Best PracticesDownload
7.3 Institutional DistinctivenessDownload
8.1.2 Teaching Sessions on quality of care , pa...Download
8.1.4 Clinical competency geotagged photos.pdfDownload
8.1.4 Report on list and steps taken to measure...Download
8.1.5 Report on teaching sessions on medical,le...Download
8.1.5 TSRM-Transplant policy.pdfDownload
8.1.6 - Quality maintenance record - immunisati...Download
8.1.6 - Vaccination policy.pdfDownload
8.1.6 Report on functioning of Immunization cli...Download
8.1.6 Report on teaching sessions on Immunizati...Download
8.1.7 Medical Graduate Attributes.pdfDownload
8.1.8 List of Faculty Development Programmes (i...Download
8.1.8 List of participants in faculty Developme...Download
8.1.11 TSRMMCHRC Policy for medical indemnity i...Download
8.1.11 List of faculty covered by Indemnity InsuranceDownload
AQAR 2019-20.pdfDownload
TSRMMCHRC Annual report, 2020-21.pdfDownload
Staff Welfare policy.pdfDownload
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The institution is an MCI recognised college offering MBBS and MD courses, affiliated to the Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai and a multi-speciality centre which boasts a 720 bedded hospital.

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