24 Hours Pharmacy

Our pharmacy functions 24 hours, all week days
with Qualified chief pharmacist manages the pharmacy division
Drug Information Center
we are running 24 hours drug information center efficiently
are honored by the pharmacy departments daily.


We have one main pharmacy which runs in our college hospital campus. Additionally we have two pharmacies running at rural health centre (vazhadi) and another at urban health centre (samayapuram). Our main pharmacy consists of
  • Main store where purchase orders are made and receive the stocks of all medicines and surgical items. From there, we distribute medicines to pay pharmacy, free pharmacy, and pharmacies in rural and urban centre and various wards of our college hospital through proper indent and received by concerned department persons.

  • Free Pharmacy Where we receive medicines from main store we dispensed around 50 medicines free of cost through our pharmacy counter & we send the medicines to our medical camps. Function time of free Pharmacy is from 8Am to 4Pm.


  • Pharmacy License: Our Pharmacy is approved by the Drug Control of Tamilnadu and got the pharmacy license to sell the drugs.

  • Narcotic License: Our Pharmacy has been approved for selling and supply of the Narcotic drugs.


  • Drug Committee Meeting

    Headed by Dean and members are the professors of all departments. Every month on third Thursday we conduct Drug committee meeting where decisions made regarding pharmacy. Prof Dr.Gnanasekaran Head of Medicine is the coordinator for Drug committee and Head of pharmacy. He takes care of purchase of drugs and surgical items. Drugs both generic and costly are procured from standard companies without compromising the quality. Trade name of drugs and surgical items are decided by Heads of various departments at the meeting. Any up gradation regarding pharmacy is decided by Dean and members of drug committee.

Pricing of drugs

  • At present discounts are allowed for our staffs, students, some poor patients and poor patients of IJK with approval by Dean or MS or CAO.

  • Full fledged pay pharmacy commenced from November 2009. Our Doctors prescribe free medicines in white prescription and others in green prescription.

Staff pattern

  • At present our pharmacy has 26 staff  i.e. one chief pharmacist with M.Pharm degree, 19 pharmacists- 2with B.Pharm and remaining with D.pharm, 4 clerical staff and one attender. They work in three shifts a day. Additionally we have 2 pharmacists, one at rural centre (vazhadi) and another one at urban centre (samayapuram) pharmacy.

  • Our pharmacy functions 24 hours, all week days i.e. 24X7.

Additional Services

  • Drug Information Centre: Our Chief Pharmacist heading the DIC, where all can get information regarding all drugs including newer drugs.

  • Pharmaco Vigilance Centre: Our Pharmacy division also involved in the pharmaco vigilance activities of the college and hospital

Research Work

  • Chief pharmacist involved in the research activities of the drug movements in the pharmacy and presented the research papers in the conferences, along with faculty of department of pharmacology.

Future Plans

  • The chancellor advised for having the pay pharmacy in the side of front lobby to highlight the services as well as to dissipate the crowd.

  • To develop sub pharmacies in each floor of our college hospital.