Medical Education Unit

About Us

Education is not the filling of a pail but lighting of a fire— Anonymous.

The Medical education unit (MEU) of Trichy SRM strives to inculcate knowledge and skills along with work ethics, professionalism and emotional well-being in its students.The team of health care professionals who form the unit are trained in the field of medical education through various national and regional workshops accredited by the Indian medical council over the years.The MEU members are  encouraged by the management to update themselves and to implement various teaching modalities in their student population including all branches of health sciences.

The training programs conducted by the team start from the student ‘s entry into the course through orientation programs followed by continuing medical education (CME) programs throughout their tenure to produce altruistic Indian medical graduates who can live upto the expectations of their alma mater.

The MEU conducts workshops to “Train the trainers” through faculty development programs (FDP) thereby helping the medical practitioner to impart his knowledge and work-based experience to the student community effectively.

With the advent of Competency Based Medical Education(CBME) curriculum,the MEU has encouraged faculty to steer-away from the didactic teacher-centered way of imparting knowledge to a more  student-centered approach.The AETCOM and Early clinical exposure (ECE) sessions have been effectively implemented in the first year teaching schedule with good participation from both the faculty and the students.The Medical education unit and the faculty of the institution have now successfully divulged into online-teaching through various modalities to ensure the students are kept abreast of their academics even in times of crisis.