About Us

The department of Pharmacology was established in 2009 with the solemn vision of encouraging the students

  • To incorporate basic knowledge about the various drugs used, their pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties, and their indications in various clinical conditions among undergraduate and postgraduate students of the medical school
  • To sensitise the students about the adverse drug reactions and interactions of various drugs, to encourage the concept of rational use of drugs
  • To develop adequate skills among the students trained in the department to prescribe drugs to patients based on individual needs, with specific importance to prescription of drugs in special population (pregnancy, lactation, liver and renal impairment etc)
  • To kindle interest among students to pursue research by offering them guidance on the methods of screening of new drugs, which in the long run will enable the identification of novel drug targets at the molecular level.
  • To inculcate among undergraduate and postgraduate students, the concept and applications of Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) which will minimize the use of laboratory animals.
  • To establish and strengthen the pharmacovigilance cell by encouraging spontaneous reporting of adverse drug reactions , and to enlighten the reporting fraternity about the importance of reporting adverse drug reactions through frequent sensitization and orientation programmes
  • To create awareness about the concept of essential drugs, and to spread knowledge about the various rules and regulations involved in drug control.
  • At the community level, to educate the public about the use and misuse of drugs.

Message from HOD

It gives me immense pleasure to take on the Headship of the Pharmacology Department. Pharmacology is a discipline that is primarily concerned about  drugs, encompassing diverse fields like pharmacokinetics, drug-receptor theory, identification and validation of drug targets, agonist and antagonist drug discovery, molecular and cellular mechanisms of drug actions, disease-specific system pharmacology, drug modality development, pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine, drug development and clinical drug trial, to adverse drug reactions and toxicology.  Our department is equipped with adequate infrastructure, which is backed up by a team of highly efficient academic and non academic staff adequately trained in all areas of Pharmacology, which enables the student to understand the subject with ease and pursue more and more research in this ever expanding branch of medicine. Apart from academia and research, patient safety is also our primary objective, and to accomplish this, we have a fully functional Pharmacovigilance cell, which caters to the most important area of pharmacology – drug safety. On the lighter note, students will thoroughly cherish the time spent in our department as they tend to learn one of the most difficult subject in their curriculum in a friendly atmosphere.We are planning to strengthen our pharmacovigilance cell, and to conduct more pre-clinical studies at the molecular level, which will enable us to take a leap forward in the rapidly developing field of medicine.