Research Papers & Publications

Department of Skin and STD ( 2019) [Total papers – 01]

 2019 (1)

  1. Rajalakshmi R, Vikram Kumar A.G, Seethalakshmi R, Balasubramanian N, Deivam S. A retrospective study on clinical and demographic features of autoimmune vesiculobullous disorders from a rural tertiary care institute in Tamil Nadu. International Journal of Research in Dermatology 2019.

 2018 (1)

  1. Deivam S, Hemalatha K. Late detection of human immunodeficiency status: an urgentneed to promote early diagnosis. International Journal of Medical Sciences and PublicHealth 2018; 7: 53-57.

2017 (3)

  1. Rajalakshmi R, Balasubramanian N, Seethalakshmi RS. Clinical profile andhistopathological correlation of Hansen’s disease among patients attending a privatemedical college hospital in Tamilnaru – a retrospective study. Journal of Evolution ofMedical and Dental Sciences 2017; 6: 6040-6046.
  2. Balasubramanian N, Rajalakshmi R, Seethalakshmi RS. Lingua villosanigra withchronic kidney disease: a care report. Journal of Evolution of Medical and DentalSciences 2017; 6: 3735-3737.
  3. Rajalakshmi R, Seethalakshmi RS, Balasubramanian N. Pseudoainhum in a case ofpityriasisrubrapilaris – a rare case report. Journal of Evolution of Medical and DentalSciences 2017; 6: 2478-2480.

2016 (5)

  1. Deivam S, Manimegalai D, Prabhusaran N, Nithya N. A study on knowledge and attitude about reproductive health and AIDS among young girls: a cross sectional study. Journalof Advances in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2016; 11(4): 1-8.
  2. Deivam S, Prabhusaran N, Uma A, Thirumalaikolundusubramanian. Withering syphilismanagement. Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research 2016; 4(12): 14509-14510
  3. Deivam S, Prabhusaran N, Balasubramanian N. Profile of HIV infected couples inconcordant and discordant heterosexual relationships – a clinical based study.International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences. 2016; 5: 123-127.
  4. Deivam SG, Prabhu N, Balasubramanian N. History taking in HIV infected – need tobe changed. Medical Science 2016; 20(79): 110-111.
  5. Deivam S, Prabhusaran N, Balasubramanian N. Syphilis: To get unstruck. Journal ofClinical and Biomedical Sciences 2016; 6: 106-107

2015 (1)

  1. Deivam SG, Abirami D, Prabhu N, Balasubramanian N. Clinical and socioeconomicprofile of STD attendees of a tertiary care hospital in South India. Journal of InternationalResearch in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2015; 5(1): 1-5.

2014 (6)

  1. Deivam S, Abirami D, Prabhu N, Balasubramanian N. Socio-demographic and clinicalprofile of HIV seropositives in tertiary care teaching hospital of South India. InternationalArchives of Integrated Medicine 2014; 1(4): 42-48.
  2. Deivam S, Guru T. Arun, Prabhu N, Balasubramanian N. Experience of syphiliticaortic aneurysm – a case report. International Journal of Advances in Case Reports 2014;2(2): 64-67.
  3. Deivam S, Priyadharshini S, Balasubramanian N, Rajalakshmi R, SeethalakshmiRS, Brindha T, Lakshmipriya P, Prabhu N. Lichen planus mimicking syphilis II papules– a case study. International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health 2014; 3(12):DOI:10.5455.
  4. Deivam S, Seethalakshmi RS, Balasubramanian N, Rajalakshmi R, PriyadharshiniS, Brindha T, Lakshmipriya P, Prabhu N. A case report of Bubo – STD or non STD.International Journal of Developmental Research 2014; 4(8): 1787-1789.
  5. Deivam S, Kuruvilla PC, Balasubramanian N, Rajalakshmi R, Priyadharshini S,Prabhu N, Elancehran M, Seethalakshmi RS, Lakshmi Priya P, Brindha T. A casereport of Donovanosis–granuloma inguinale. British Biomedical Bulletin 2014; 2: 472-6.
  6. Deivam S, Rajalakshmi R, Priyadharshini S, Seethalakshmi RS, BalasubramanianN, Brindha T, Lakshmipriya P, Prabhu N. Prevalence of Trichomonasvaginalisinfection among patients that presented to rural tertiary care hospital in Tiruchirapalli,India in 2011 and 2013. International J Pharma Res Health Sciences 2014. 2(3): 255-260.

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A study on clinic- socio demographic profile of patients with lichen simplex chronicus in a tertiary care hospital.




Prevalence of HIV infection among Psoriasis cases





Cutaneous manifestations in patients with renal diseases- a clinical study




Estimation of serum vitamin D  levels in psoriasis


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Clinico demographic pattern of paedrous dermatitis in a tertiary care hospital