Anatomy – Infrastructure

Infrastructure of the Department

Human body is a complex creation. It continues to baffle the medical professionals in spite of great many leaps in the field of therapeutic and diagnostic medicine. Therefore, the proper understanding of the basic structure of human body grossly, microscopically and developmentally forms the foundation stone of the medical curriculum. This extensive knowledge of structural aspects of human body is essential for future building up as the student climbs up the ladder of medical education.

The encouraging and challenging atmosphere of the anatomy department always creates a long lasting impact on the students and it reserves a special place in the minds of present and past students.

The department of anatomy that occupies the rear end of the college building occupying 2143 sq. area. It encompasses a dissection hall, cadaver preservation area, histology laboratory, research laboratory, demonstration rooms, seminar cum library room, faculty rooms, locker room and common room for students, burial ground and a museum.

Dissection Hall

Our dissection hall is spacious enough to accommodate 150 students comfortably. It stands well illuminated and sufficiently ventilated both naturally and artificially with sufficient wash area. It is equipped with teaching aids like board and audio system for table side teaching.

Cadaver preservation area

This area has three subunits –the embalming room, cold storage area and storage tank area.

  1. The embalming room has facilities for mechanical and manual embalming of cadavers.
  2. Cold storage area has sufficient chambers for storage of 12 cadavers at any point of time
  3. Storage tank area has three larger tanks with approximately 2500 litre capacity for preserving whole cadavers and small tank of 1000 litre capacity for cut parts.
  4. A small room for storage of viscera’s and a whole body cutting machine are also present here

Histology laboratory

A well aerated and adequately lighted laboratory with capacity for 90 students. Self-illuminating microscopes for each student, projection microscope with camera and screen for teaching and almost 2000 histological slide adds strength to this laboratory.

This laboratory has a preparation room equipped for routine preparation of histology slides by rotatory microtomy and H&E staining.

Research Laboratory

Advanced histological staining procedures, special staining, anthropometric works are being done here. This laboratory has cryostat, Leica microtome and an array of anthropometric instruments.

Demonstration rooms

Three demonstration rooms provided with necessary teaching aids and audio-visual system having 90, 90 and 50 capacity respectively are present.

Seminar cum library room

  1. Our seminar room has satisfactory projection system and air conditioning for 30 people.
  2. The department library has 192 titles spread among gross, clinical, neuro, radio anatomy, embryology, genetics, and histology. Also, 3 national journals are available.

Faculty rooms

8 spacious, comfortable rooms with intercom and internet facility for all cadres of teaching faculty. A common restroom separately for male and female faculties is also present with continuous water supply.

Locker room and common room for students

Locker rooms with 150 locker separately for boys and girls is present in our department. Common rooms with adequate facilities for students to have their food and relax in between their class and in their interval is also present in our department.

Burial ground

A properly gated burial ground for burying dissected and worn human parts and to harvest bone from them is present.


A properly arranged, illuminated, ventilated museum with 90 capacity housing total number of 300 specimens. Has a preparation area. Our museum has

  1. Categorisation according to region
  2. Sectional anatomy extensively displayed
  3. Dry specimens properly curated and displayed
  4. A collection of complete set of fetal bones
  5. Various stages of embryological specimens
  6. Large collection of charts, models and x-rays
  7. Informative legends and catalogue
  8. An array of plastinated specimens