Sports Activities


The Department of Physical Education, TSRMMCHRC has the opportunity of shaping the minds of the students and strengthening of body themselves

The students and faculty members have the opportunity of learning process to have happy environment in the institution by providing Athletic tracks, Indoor games, and Outdoor Games, Gymnasium and yoga. Students need opportunities to be physically active and access to healthy foods in order to grow, learn, and thrive; whereas, good health fosters student attendance and education. The department of Physical Education, as an integral part of the education process as attested in the Preamble of physical activities for college students. This is due to the fact that physical education is largely a practical subject and providing valuable thoughts and well built physique will enhance correct acquisition of skills in various sports for competitive purposes.
All students those who are interested in TSRMMCHRC will be offered extracurricular physical activity programs, such as physical activity clubs or competitive sports programs both intramural and extramural. TSRMMCHRC will offer a range of activities that meet the needs, interests and abilities of all students, including boys, girls with special health-care needs.

Currently health education and physical activity are integrated across multiple subject areas and other collegiate activities to enhance the academic initiative to incorporate more physical activity to achieve the academic endeavor.  The sport council will implement continued review and suggestions for best practices to blend physical activity within academic time. This will occur through professional collaboration and development.  In developed countries, Classroom teachers will provide short physical activity breaks between lessons or classes.

Department Activities

The physical education programmes include

  • Intramural Activities

  • Extramural activities

  • Organization of Tournaments

  • Training and coaching sports competitions


  • Physical Education will develop the WHOLE person in EVERY person.
  • The physical educators will serve as role models and demonstrate knowledge of health, physical education and wellness.
  • The physical education activities will provide a variety of events of individuals interest which will motivate the participants and increase participation.


  • To allow the participants to participate in developmentally appropriate activities
  • To develop and reinforce cooperative behavior
  • To teach the participants to establish lifelong fitness goals


To instill the students in the values and skills of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, promotes an awareness of health among students, engage physical activities on daily basis, promotes them to lead a healthy life in adulthood, inculcate in the minds of the students, regarding the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness, encourage the upcoming sportsmen and women of the crowd. Physical education gives the budding sports people a platform to the budding sports people to exhibit their talents.


Dr. A. Jesudoss


Dr.P. Thirumalaikolundusubramanian

Vice Principal

Mr. S. Lionel Pauldurai

Gym Instructor

Dr. L. Manivanan, Ph.D

Head in Physical Education

Dr. Guru T. Arun - Associate Professor

Staff Advisor

Mr. R.C. Sanjeev Kumar Final Year MBBS Part - II

Student Chairman

Ms. G. Jeyavishnupriya Final Year MBBS Part - II


Mr. N. Hariesh Pre Final Year MBBS Part - II


Sports Council

PatronDr. R. Shivakumar, Chairman
Ex- Officio President Dr. SukumaranAnnamalai, Dean
Ex- Officio - Vice PresidentDr. Gurudatta S Pawar - Vice Principal
Chief Staff AdvisorDr. Gnanasekaran, Prof. of Medicine
Staff AdvisorDr. Guru T Arun, Asst. Prof of Radiology
Head of Physical Education Dr. L. Manivanan, Ph.D.
Non teaching staffMr. S. Raja Mansingh
Mr. S. Lionel Pauldurai
Sports SecretaryMr. V. Deepak Justin
Associate Sports SecretaryMs. S. Preethi
MembersMr. S. R. Vineeth
Ms. Lakshmi
Mr. D. Perumal
Ms. Mythili
Mr. M. Jegan
Ms. G. Anaditha
Mr. R.D. Heswanth

Sports Facilities

     The Department of Physical Education, TSRMMCHRC is having a sound infrastructure over vast area with provision of all the necessary facilities to each and every individual. We have Indoor Courts for various games namely Badminton, Carrom, Table Tennis, Chess and good outdoor grounds for Basket Ball, Cricket, Foot Ball,  Throw Ball, Volley Ball and Track events.


TSRMMCHRC have the Gym facilities separately for men and women. The facilities including Four station for women and Eight station for men.