PATHOLOGY – Ongoing PG Thesis

Ongoing PG Thesis

S.N Thesis Topic Name


Exploring co-curricular activity based teaching learning methodology through the online medium – a medical institutional experience Dr. S. Priya Banthavi
2 Clinico-Pathological evaluation in early chronic kidney disease patient

Dr. S. Prasath


The important of Clinicopathological correlation in the diagnosis of Ischemic colitis Dr. Fathima Rehana
4 Problems encountered in squash cytology evaluation of CNS lesions – Experience at our Institution

Dr. Nandhini

5 Evaluation of significance of grades of anaemia in patients with chronic disorders

Dr. Yuvarajan E.K.R.

6 Role of Urinalysis in asymptomatic individuals for early diagnosis of diseases, using biomarkers as a tool in relevant cases

Dr. L. Kaleeswari