Interesting Case

  • A 60 year old male came with complaints of defective vision for the past 3 months, gradual loss with insidious onset. Patient is known case of Hypertensive on medications. MRI brain showed small vessel ischaemic changes. On fundus examination patient found to have Left eye disc edema with neuroretinitis. Patient diagnosed to have left eye Neuroretinitis.
  • A 15 year old female patient was admitted in casualty at about 8.30 am with complaints of altered sensorium and bulging of both eyes since the previous evening following ingestion of some oral tablets for abdominal pain.

On examination  patient was comatose with GCS 6/15 ,she had bilateral Proptosis with lagophthalmos due to severe conjunctivo chalasis, pupil was dilated and fixed- 5 mm.Patient was taken to Operation theatre and bilateral Lateral Canthotomy performed, tapping of conjunctival sac attempted which turned out to be dry taps, layer of clotted blood observed within the conjunctival sac. CT brain showed Subgaleal Hemorrhage with diffuse cerebral edema.

Tentative diagnosis of Subgaleal hemorrhage with Bilateral orbital subperiosteal hemorrhage made,which is a very rarely reported clinical entity.


Ophthal Quiz Competation- 3 rd Prize winner National level
OCULOFEST by KAPV Govt Medical
College, Trichy- Trichy SRM 3 RD Prize on 7.11.2020

Team – Trichy SRM
1. MuthuSubramaniyan Shankar
2. Syed Muhammed Humayl. S
3. Rohitvel. M.M