NEUROLOGY – Activities

Special Activity

  • CME on world Health Day
  • CME on Biology of Ageing and Care of the Elderly
  • CME on Nerve Conduction Studies & Evoked Potentials
  • Integrated Seminar – World Rabies Day
  • MEU – Dermatophytoses – Challenges Ahead
  • CME on Alzheimer disease
  • CME on Epilepsy
  • CME on Stroke and Mechanical Thrombectomy

All facilities are under one roof.

Systematic approach  in Stroke Rehabilitation management is being instituted with Occupational, Speech and Physiotherapy.

All case of  D.M standard  are coming to SRM hospital and college.

Speciality clinic – Headache, Epilepsy are also functioning.

In medical career student has to appear for examination which are very competitive No field will change more than the field of neurology in future.

In our Institution we are coming across a lot of neurology cases which are very challenging and academically interesting cases.