Special activities


Sl. No. Name of the Events Conducted by Date(s) Resource Person Attended by
1 CME on “Novel Corona virus outbreak” Department of Microbiology & Community Medicine TSRMMCH&RC 06.02.2020 Dr. Diego Edwin Post graduate & undergraduate
2 A Series of Guest lectures on Corono virus –awareness, facts &myths Arts Science college , Pudukottai Trichy Feb 10th to March 5th 2020 Dr. Diego Edwin Undergraduates and Postgraduates
3 Guest lecture on COVID 19 PANDEMIC- A Glimpse in to past, present, future Department Microbiology (on line) 10.08.2020 Dr.P.Chitra Rajalakshmi Oman II MBBS &Faculty of Microbiology
Sl. No. Name of the Events Conducted by Date(s) Resource Person Attended by
1 CME on Antimicrobial Stewardship Department of Microbiology TSRMMCH&RC 22.06.2019 Dr. Diego Edwin & Dr. J. D. Jahappriya PGs –Dr.Dhilip Rajesh kumar &Dr.Janarthanan
2 CME on Notifiable Diseases –who &why? Department of Microbiology, Madurai medical college 27.06.2019 PGs –Dr.Dhilip Rajesh kumar &Dr.Janarthanan
3 Training for staff Nurses & FNAs on Quality Indicators Department of Microbiology TSRMMCH&RC June 2019 All Teaching Faculty Nurses, FNAs
4 National Mycology workshop Sri Ramachandra Medical college RI, Porur 11th to 13th 2020 PGs –Dr.Dhilip Rajesh kumar
5 International Health Research convention – Antimicrobial Stewardship Infection control strategies Mahatma Institute of Medical Sciences,Puducherry 19.07.2020 Oral Presentation by Dr.Dhilip Rajesh kumar &Dr.Janarthanan
6 Medical Education Technical workshop for post graduate Medical Education Unit TSRMMCH&RC SEP 2020 Dr.A.Anupriya II &III years post graduate  in Microbiology
7 Orientation Program of Post graduates Medical Education unit TSRM MCH&RC 9th to 10th Oct 2020 Dr.A.Uma & Dr.G.Vazhavandal CRRIs
8 Conference on Critical care Infectious Diseases update Velammal Medical College Madurai 12th 13th Oct 2019 Dr. Janarthanan
Dr.Dhilip Rajesh kumar( Postgraduate)


Sl. No. Name of the Events Conducted by Date(s) Resource Person Attended by
1 Guest lecture on “Risk Management in academic Institutions” Department of Microbiology &Medical Education Unit 13.08.2018 Dr.P.Chitra Rajalakshmi Asso.prof Microbiology  Oman Medical college Teaching Faculty & post graduate
2 National conference on Mycology -Current updates in deep and superficial fungal infection St Johns Medical college, Bangaluru Postgraduates
3 Training program on hand hygiene ,Biomedical waste Management &Hospital Infection surveillance Indicators were  held for CRRI, Nurses, AHS Students in June ,July2018 by all teaching faculty
4 World AIDS day guest  lecture Periyar college of  Pharmacy 1.12.2018 Dr.A.Anupriya UG,PG Students of pharmacy