Microbiology – Services


Services Offered

  1. Direct microscopic examination –wet preparation &stained preparation of all Clinical samples.
  2. Isolation&identification, antimicrobial sensitivity testing of bacteria from clinical samples.
  3. Serological tests-Rapid-HIV, Hepatitis B,C, Scrub typhus RPR,CRP,ASO,RF : ELISA Test for HIV, HBV, HCV, Dengue, Leptospira.
  4. Immunology-Mantoux test.
  5. Operation Theatre Air Surveillance, wards, ICUs,Burns unit.
  6. Microbiological analysis of wate from R.O sumps located in Medical, Engineering colleges, hospital, raw water, dialysis water.
  7. Endotoxin assay of dialysis water.
  8. Blood bag sterility test.
  9. Investigation of out-breaks of communicable diseases.
  10. Closed system and open system PCR laboratory for Covid19, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, HINI, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis etc.
  11. Infection control activities including training all categories staff  on biomedical waste management, hand hygiene, Surveillance markers, quality Indicators etc.
  12. Research  activities: UG,PGs, faculty.