Emotional Intelligence by Dr.Guru.T. Arun

Report on a Guest lecture on Emotional Intelligence by Dr.Guru.T. Arun on 20.01.2020

            The Medical Education Unit of Trichy SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Irungalur, Trichy had organised a guest lecturer for the 1st  & 2nd years MBBS, 1st year Allied Health Sciences and 1st-year B.Sc. Nursing students titled “Emotional Intelligence”. The lecture was conducted at Eswari hall (Auditorium) on 20.01.2020 between 2.00 to 4.00 pm.

            The programme started off with Thamizh Thai vazhthu. Dr Kamala, MEU Coordinator and Associate Professor, Anatomy welcomed the gathering. This was followed by the Inaugural Address by Dr Ramesh Babu, director of medical sciences and felicitations by Dr.Thirumalaikolundusubramanian, Medical Superintendent, Dr.P. Karthick, Additional Medical Superintendent and Dr Ramachandra Goyal, Head, MCI Cell. Dr Priya Banthavi, Member of MEU and Associate Professor, Pathology delivered the vote of thanks.

            Dr.Guru.T. Arun, Specialist Physician, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar and Faculty of Weill Cornell Medicine, Institute of Population Health, Qatar introduced the concepts of Emotional intelligence. He set the stage for his topic using pictures of various artificial intelligence applications that we use day to day like google assistant, SIRI, Cortana etc. He laid the groundwork depicting the differences between artificial intelligence, human intelligence and emotional intelligence. The distinction between the 4000 words describing various emotions found in the dictionary and the 34000 emotions displayed by human beings were clearly illustrated by the speaker using anecdotes. Using images of various emotions and video clips, the orator, sensitised the audience on the assortment of facial anatomical cues that human display.

            The next phase of his talk dealt with the techniques that can be applied to cope with the array of emotions. He concluded his talk saying that in future artificial intelligence might take over human intelligence, but emotional intelligence is the human weapon to overcome that day.

            The program was brought to end after a brief Q & A session with the national anthem.

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