Amavasai camp

Date: 30/08/19
Dept of community medicine has arranged a general medical camp for amavasai festival at mariyamman temple samayapuram.
Medical officers namely dr. Bavani nivetha, dr. G. Sathiya along with CRRIs namely Dr. Risikesan, Dr. Bindu, dr. Dev prasath, Dr. Sagar and Dr. Deva abinaya have consulted (m-148 f-279 mc-16 fc-8)451 cases who expected obviously minimal health needs among the crowded devotees who has rushed over temple Venarating her.
The camp got started by 9.30 am at the exit corridor of mariyamman temple with more crowds of devotees.
The cases with complaints of minor ailments like vomiting,headache, dhairya, bodypain, fever,giddyness, stomach ache,tiredness, dehydration, HT,and diabetic all consulted at the camp itself and still our doctors referred today 44 other complicated cases to UHTC permise with the complaints of MI, cataract,cholesterol,seizure, Mylegia and so on with the help the ambulance.
Mr. Rajangam, superintendent, today has look after all meterial arrangements well in advance. He was just came through our camping spot to enquire if any needs are not met.
Supervisor Mr. Vivek, Mr. Sathiya and Mr. Shiva all supported material arrangements like tables,chairs, fan and still refreshments also.
Mr. Ashokkumar, JC who was about roaming around the temple monitoring all activities carried over there.apart from our camp, medical team from sirugampoor upgraded PHC also rendered medical support to the devotees.so, joined commissioner after his visit to our camp he whole heartedly welcome our effort in reaching the public through rendering medical support to those devotees better than those team.
Mr. Arunkumar, Mr. Vignesh both MNAs have rendered optimal support to those doctors to accomplish their consult.
Mrs. Surya, from UHTC, has look after drugs and medicine brought from UHTC pharmacy.
Miss. Christy sindiya who registered, op cases and has distributed drug slip after stamped them along with  MNA Mr.vignesh.
Since most of the cases wants to know their BP counts,they just rushed towards
Mr. Arun MNA, who was reserved separated only for BP checkup.
Ambulance was kept ready with the driver Mr.arivu,just near the temple so as to mobilize immediately if any grivence and emergency.
By. 1.30 PM. Superintendent has arranged a Delicious lunch to be provided for all staff and camp team at shivam hotel samayapuram.
Meanwhile mr. Palani supervisor has  arranged a special darshan at santum Santorum for all camping team.
Finally by 4.30 we all have packed and just have wind up the camp.

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