Breastfeeding awareness

09/08/19 – Today World breast feeding week celebrated at demo Hall, urban centre, samayapuram with the theme “empower parents and enable breast feeding”.
Mr. Govindan HE, who welcome the beneficiaries of the program specially the lactating mothers.the program retained between 10am to 12.pm.
Follow him Dr. Sathiya who felicitated the CRRIs indeed,hoping to deliver a useful information about the importance of Brest feedings to those seated  Benifeciaries.
Dr. Balamurugan, CRRI while his key note adress explained how importance the Breast feeding to both mother and child during lactation periods.
1.colostrum which gives immunity for the child after birth, avoids illness, infection during lactation. It doesn’t mean only colostrum can strong enough to prevent the children from any sort of disease. No,immunisation also certainly helpful to the children during miles stone development.
2.exclusive breast feeding is mandatory for any child up to 6 month and may more.
3.lactational amenorrhea method  which is natural contraceptive, no conception takes place during lactation.
4.spacing between birth occurs.
5.by lactating, the mother becomes stress free.
6.breastfeeding prevents breast cancer.
7.IQ developed for the children because of lactating and IMR rate is rapidly reduced.
8.finally, natural intimate bond between mother and child takes place due to breast feedings. Acurately saying anychild by a twoweeks or more easily identify her mother.other wise,may stort carries finding others.
Following him Dr. Arunkumar CRRI, during his key note address he explained in details about the theme for 2019 empowering parents and enable breast feedings.
He suggested to start the weaning food like potato, eggs, dal and protein Contensive foods.
Still he insists the loctating mother to consume garlic, green leaves, eggs, papaya,fenugreek to increase milk secretions.
Finally he stressed the support of father also in nourishing the child for its well being.
Meanwhile refreshment provided for both staffs and stakeholders.
During feedback session, question, doubt were raised to the resource persons.
Finally Mr. Arokiasamy HI, who wind up the session saying vote of thanks to all who participated in the program.

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