Trichy SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Tiruchirapalli


Institutional Research Board (IRB)


Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) – Short Term Studentships (STS) – 2019 –


Selected List


No. IRB Ref No. ICMR No. Name of the Student and year Name of the Guide Title of the project
Department of Biochemistry
1 IRB-STS-2019-04 2019 – 00039 Mr. R. Bhuvanesan and II year Dr. R. Thamarai, Associate Professor Serum cholinesterase levels of farm workers exposed to chemical pesticides in rural population
2 IRB-STS-2019-07 2019 – 00650 Ms. Abinaya Saraswathi and II year Dr. T.M. Moonisha, Assistant Professor Evaluation of cardiometabolic index as a predictor of early chronic kidney disease risk
Department of Microbiology
3 IRB-STS-2019-16 2009 -00049 Ms. M. Haripriya, II year Dr. J.D. Jahappriya, Assistant Professor Assessment of knowledge and practice on infection prevention and control practices among health care workers in a tertiary care teaching hospital
4 IRB-STS-2019-17 2009 -00099


Ms. S. Poorani, II year Dr. A. Uma, Professor Audit of antibiotic   prescription


5 IRB-STS-2019-18 2009 -00104 Ms. R.S. Swetha, II year Dr. J. Lalithambigai, Assistant Professor Isolation of fungus in sputum samples of patients with chronic respiratory diseases with special reference to pulmonary tuberculosis
6 IRB-STS-2019-19 2009 -00106 Ms. S. Ajitha, II year Dr. G. Vazhavandal, Associate Professor Parasitic contamination of common edible fruits and vegetables sold in local markets of Trichy
7 IRB-STS-2019-20 2009 -00823 Mr. B. Rajkumar, III year Dr. A. Anupriya, Assistant Professor Small Bites – Big Threats: Prevalence of scrub typhus among pediatric population in a tertiary care hospital
8 IRB-STS-2019-21 2009 -01273 Mr. N. Manikandan, III year; Dr. N. Prabhusaran, Associate Professor Seroprevalence of leptospiral antibodies among municipal service workers in Tiruchirapalli, South India
Department of Community Medicine
9 IRB-STS-2019-30 2009 -02064 Ms. A.V. Ancy, III year Dr. Prabha Thangaraj, Assistant Professor A Study to assess the current level of knowledge on recent guidelines of RNTCP and change in knowledge among Medical Interns after using an e-learning tool
Department of General Medicine
10 IRB-STS-2019-34 2009 -00618 Mr. M. Mikun, II year Dr. K. Sivakumar, Associate Professor Comparison of sodium and potassium values in arterial blood gas analyzer and electrolyte analyzer
11 IRB-STS-2019-35 2009 -00662 Ms. Shreena Ruth Mathuram, II year Dr. Praveen Kumar, Assistant Professor Epidemiological profile of CKD in patients attending a tertiary care hospital
Department of General Surgery
12 IRB-STS-2019-37 2009 -00271 Ms. Maalavika Harikumar, II year Dr. K. Raja Chidambaram, Professor Antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial growth on diabetic foot ulcers
13 IRB-STS-2019-38 2009 -00309 Ms. S. Kausalya, II year Dr. S. Padma, Professor Prevalence and pattern of Inguinal hernia among adult patients attending a tertiary care teaching hospital


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