Research Committees

Institutional Research Board (IRB)

 The Committee

DesignationName and Affiliation
ChairpersonDr. A. Jesudoss, Dean
Vice ChairpersonDr. P. Thirumalaikolundusubramanian, Professor of Medicine and Head IRB
External MembersDr.S.P.Thiyagarajan, Dean-Research, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai
Dr.B.Venkatachalapathy, Dean- Research, SRM Group of Institutions Ramapuram, Chennai
Research FacultyMr. M. Ismail, Research Coordinator and Research Faculty
Dr. N. Prabhusaran, Research Faculty
Dr. A. Sundhararajan, Research Faculty
MembersDr. A. Uma, Professor of Microbiology
Dr. Ramachandra Goyal, Professor of Community Medicine
Dr. K. Vasanthira, Professor of Pharmacology
Dr. R. Pramila, Professor of Pathology
Dr. D. Saminathan, Prof. of Paediatrics
Dr. S.D. Nalinakumari, Professor of Anatomy
Dr. Nachal Annamalai, Professor of Physiology
Dr. P. Karthik, Professor of Surgery
Dr. S.Priya Bandhavi, Associate Professor of Pathology
Dr. V.R. Prakash, Professor of Biochemistry
Dr. S. Sivaraman, Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Dr. K. Sivakumar, Associate Professor of Medicine
Dr. S. Jenitha, Associate Professor of OBG

Working modalities

  1. Conducting training programs on research to faculty, residents, research scholars, postgraduate and undergraduate students for pursuing research.
  2. Analyzing, approving, reviewing and forwarding research proposals submitted by students, research scholars and faculty members to IEC or IAEC.
  3. Promoting faculty members, research scholars, postgraduate and undergraduate students to participate and present research observations in the national and international conferences/ seminars/ symposia/ CMEs etc.
  4. Encouraging faculty members for Ph.D. registration in Medical and health sciences.
  5. Motivating faculty members, research scholars, postgraduate and undergraduate students to publish research papers in peer-reviewed research journals.
  6. Screening publications for plagiarism using an internet based anti-plagiarism software.
  7. Maintaining archives of research publications from TSRMMCHRC.
  8. Resolving conflicts with regards to research works and publications.

IRB meetings (2017 and 2018)

Year No. of meetings Date Total proposals presented No. of Proposals Presented
2017 6 24.03.2017 147 38
14.06.2017 35
17.07.2017 09
01.09.2017 10
07.11.2017 29
29.11.2017 26
2018 8 05.02.2018 76
13.03.2018 13
19.03.2018 07
05.06.2018 10
31.07.2018 10
10.09.2018 11
23.10.2018 12
31.11.2018 13

Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC)

Institutional Ethics committee (IEC) is functioning independently and takes decisions. IEC is not registered under CDSCO, since we do not undertake clinical trials.

The Committee

DesignationName and Affiliation
Chairperson [External]Dr. G. Ravikumar, Professor and Head of Plastic Surgery, Thanjavur Medical College, Thanjavur
Member SecretaryDr. S.D. Nalinakumari, Professor of Anatomy
Basic Scientist
Dr. R. Senthamarai, Professor and Principal, Periyar College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tiruchirapalli
Social Scientist
Dr. J. Josephine Jeba, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Holy Cross College, Tiruchirapalli
Legal AdviserLr. M. Krishnawamy, Advocate, No. 22, Ramalinga Nagar, Tiruchirapalli
Lay Person Mr. G. Ramamoorthy, No. 7, Sella Tamil Nagar, Tollgate, Tiruchirapalli
Members Dr. P. Thirumalaikolundusubramanian, Professor of General Medicine
MemberDr. K. Hemalatha, Associate Professor of Community Medicine
MemberDr. K. Vasanthira, Professor of Pharmacology
MemberDr. C. Gunasekaran, Professor of Pediatrics
MemberDr. G. Vazhavandal, Asso. Professor of Microbiology

Working modalities

  • IEC meets once in three months and looks into the research proposals forwarded to it by the IRC.
  • Decisions are communicated to research scholars and committee members.
  • IEC also looks into various ethical issues brought by/ related to patients, projects and publications.
  • Communication, files and documents related to IEC are maintained at Institutional Research Board.

Details of meetings done and Number of project proposals approved (meeting wise)

YearNo. of meetings conductedDateYear wise totalNo. of IEC certificates issued

Minutes and Recommendations made in the last IEC meeting

  1. The IEC made the following recommendation
    1. Prior to sending the research proposals to IEC, they should be approved by institutional research board.
    2. Faculty / Students should present the proposal to IEC, along with the respective guide.
    3. The Principal Investigator showed presents the proposals.
    4. The progress of the research should be regularly reviewed and monitored once IEC issues a certificate to proceed with the research.
    5. In case of delay in completion extension of time should be sought and obtained from IEC.

Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)

The Institutional Animal Ethics committee (IEAC) is formed as per the guidelines of Committee for the purpose of control and supervision of experiments on animals (CPCSEA)

The department of Pharmacology maintains the records related to IEAC.

The Committee

Details of meetings and project proposals

Designation Name and Affiliation
Chairperson, Biological Scientist Dr. A. Jesudoss, Dean
Main Nominee Dr.D.Kannan, Asso. Prof. of Laboratory Animal Medicine, Veterinary College Research Institute, Namakkal – 637002.
Link Nominee Dr.T.R.Jayakrishnan, 41, C.S. Nagar IV st, Krishnapuram colony, Madurai – 625014
Scientist from outside institute Dr.P.Thirupatyi Kumaresan, 39/2 Ashok Nagar, Thirumangalam,

Madurai – 625709.

Socially aware nominee Dr.V.Vallaiappan, President & Chief Veterinary Surgeon.
Member Secretary Dr. K.Vasanthira, Scientist in charge of Animal house facility
Scientist from different discipline  

Dr.Nachal Annamalai, Professor and HOD of Physiology

Scientist from different discipline  

Dr.G.Vazhavandal, Associate Professor of Microbiology

Veterinarian Dr.R.Jothiraj, Veterinary Surgeon.

Details of IAEC meeting done and number of project proposals approved (2017 – 2018)

Year No. of meetings conducted Date Total No. of research proposals presented No. of IAEC certificates issued
2017 1 09.06.2017
2018 2 12.05.2018 3

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) cell is autonomy body under the administrative control of Institutional Research Board (IRB)

The Committee

1ChairpersonDr. A. Jesudoss, Dean
2Vice Chairperson and Member SecretaryDr. P. Thirumalaikolundusubramanian, Head of IRB and Professor of Medicine
3CoordinatorDr. G. Vazhavandal, Associate Professor of Microbiology
5MembersDr. K. Hemalatha, Asso. Professor of Community Medicine
6Dr. S. Priya Banthavi, Associate Professor of Pathology
7Dr. S. Vijayarangan, Associate Professor of Pharmacology
9Mr. N. Senthilkumar, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, TRP Engineering College
10Dr. T. Sankar, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, TRP Engineering College
12Consultant/Legal AdvisorMr. L. Krishnasamy, Advocate, No. 22, Ramalinga Nagar, Triuchirapalli
13Biomedical EngineerMr. Dilipan, CMCH&RC
14Layman/ Community RepresentativeMr. Ramamoorthy, No. 1 Tolgate, Trichy

Functional modalities of IPR cell

  1. The cell functions autonomously from the premises of IRB.
  2. Monthly meetings are held on the fourth working day of every month for IPR related issues.
  3. The IPR cell acts as the interface between the Principal investigator (PI) and the Patent/ copyright attorney.
  4. Procedure for processing the proposed patent is clearly in place.
  5. IPR awareness Workshops/ Conferences/ Short term Courses are organized annually.
  6. External research scholars should get no objection from IPR cell for processing their patents.